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Hollywood’s Golden Era Stars Who Live in Houses More Luxurious Than Any A-List Celebrity

Some of these legendary artists might have fallen a bit under the radar or they might be starring in the next blockbuster movie! What we know for sure is that even if their debuts and career heydays took place decades ago, they are still alive and kicking. And with more than enough money earned throughout their successful careers, their retirement planning probably went smoothly. And judging by some of the houses these stars have, it would certainly appear so! Let’s take a look at the places where these never-forgotten stars are comfortably enjoying their golden years.

Richard Chamberlain – $19 Million, Maui

Richard Chamberlain is better known for his role in Dr. Kildare and Shogun, but he also dedicated a lot of his time to building this heavenly getaway in Maui. Richard and long-time partner Martin Rabett decided to put this work of art in the market for $19 million—and it might be worth just that price! The 6,000-square foot house is directly in front of the beach and even has a spa in case laying on the beach wasn’t relaxing enough. Aside from the six bedrooms, it also has a guest house which makes it perfect for receiving a number of guests who are planning on staying for a couple of days.

Joan Collins – $4.5 Million, West Hollywood

Dame Joan Collins is one face that is unlikely to be forgotten. Remembered for her role in the tv show Dynasty and for her decades-long career, Joan is no stranger to owning and selling expensive real estate. She put her West Hollywood home in the market for $4.5 million. The home, which she styled to her very own specifications, has floor-to-ceiling windows that give the space an air of openness and light. Joan, who is 85 years old, shows no sign of retiring. In fact, Dame Collins will be appearing in the long-running tv show, Hawaii Five-O, as Amanda Savage.

Robert Redford – $7.5 Million, Napa Valley

Robert Redford is an award-winning actor and director and, until recently, the face of the Sundance Film Festival. This all changed on January 24th when he opened the press conference of the 2019 festival by stating his introductory speech was no longer necessary, given the history of it and the place it is in now. Redford was nominated for a Golden Globe for his 2018 film, The Old Man & the Gun. This may be his last acting stint as he has announced his retirement. He surely will be buying a new house to spend his retirement days soon, considering that he just listed his Napa Valley home for $7.5 million.

Ali MacGraw – $4.5 Million, Palm Springs

Ali MacGraw is definitely more current than ever; even if she’s not in front of the cameras at the moment. The Love Story star launched her second ali4ibu clothing line collection on April 2018, showing that she has a solid business plan and that she will carry on with her designing career now that she’s in her 70s. Her former home, which she shared with late ex-husband Steve McQueen, is listed for $4.5 million and continues to have decoration reminiscent of the ’70s—which is when Ali and McQueen occupied the place. The Goodbye, Colombus actress has been a resident of New Mexico since 1994.

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