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Former Celebrities Who Now Work in Outrageous Normal Jobs

Have you once thought that your favorite celebrity, with their deluxe houses and lifestyles, would be a celebrity forever? After all, it’s no regular job, so it must take a more than the average person to attain a star status. Just picture it: The bright lights, the red carpet, that perfect walk, that perfect smile, camera flashbulbs going, the crowd of fans pressing in, all that money spent, earnings in the millions, designer clothes, the copious display of bling – the big life! It doesn’t compare to your regular job and your regular life, right? Well, sometimes even celebs fall to ground level and *gasp* do regular jobs. Here are some who did.

Frankie Muniz – Race Car Driver and Band Manager

Frankie Muniz connected with a lot of his audience with his role as a quirky misfit kid on Malcolm in the Middle. This earned him an Emmy nomination, two Golden Globe nominations, three Kids’ Choice Awards, and loads in his bank account. But another profession caught his eye—race car driving. Yup, Muniz got bitten by the racing bug, and today he’s flying down the tracks at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. He even played drums for the band Kingsfoil for a while and currently manages the band, Astro Lasso.

Jon Gosselin – DJ

Jon Gosselin made waves on Jon & Kate Plus 8, along with his wife and their eight kids. However, divorce struck and today it’s a different scene. So where do we find Jon today? He’s a DJ at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Though he’s passionate about his gig, it’s not enough to fund the expensive custody battle with his wife. So his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, turned to crowdfunding to help him meet bills. Now that’s a very understanding woman.

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