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Most Beautiful Female Athletes’ & Their Net Worths – These Gorgeous Women Won’t Let Anything Stop Them

Professional sports are often seen as a path to fame and wealth, but especially in sports with less viewership or not much public interest, making money can be hard. But one thing that never fails to help, is beauty, particularly in women’s sports. Some of these women are terrific athletes that deserve recognition despite how good they look. Others might not be among the best, but look so good that how well they perform becomes irrelevant. All of them are drop-dead gorgeous and their bank accounts make them even more of a catch for a prospective partner! Still, learning a thing or two about the hottest female athletes can be useful, as in some cases, you might get more than you bargained for…

Jennie Finch – Softball – Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Jennie Finch is one of the most famous and successful women in softball, having broken several college softball records, brought the US two Olympic medals and leaving a great impression as a pro. She is also one of the most beautiful athletes to have graced a softball field. Her 2005 wedding to Casey Daigle and the birth of their children was what prompted her to retire in 2010, to devote herself to her family. Since then, she has been actively promoting softball and women’s involvement in sports, as well as releasing her own line of clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

Carmen Jorda – F1 – Net Worth: $2 Million

In a sport dominated by men, Carmen Jorda stands out as one of the few women that is not a model or an executive. A motor racing driver since an early age, she was brought into the fold by her father, Jose Miguel Jorda, a former driver himself. After she was picked as a development driver by Lotus and Renault Sport Formula 1 teams, she faced criticism that she was just chosen as a marketing trick, counting on her stunning looks to attract attention (and bring money to the team in the form of endorsements). Though she denies all this, the fact that she was picked without ever having won a race makes people wonder.

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