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Don’t Be Too Shocked To See These Famous Kids All Grown Up Now


Famous parents will always mean lots of attention and constant criticism on your every step. While it’s not easy being in a spotlight growing up, many of our favorite celebrity children blossomed in it, usually taking the best of both worlds and making great role models even if their parents didn’t. A life full of controversies and paparazzi attention doesn’t always bring the best out of people but we’ve witnessed Hollywood celebs who’ve done well for themselves in amassing huge earnings, enriching their portfolio, and bringing up kids who’ve grown up to be alalmost the same as them – at a certain age. We’re now looking up to these Hollywoods kids but, boy, did they have stars to look up to!

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri Martino At Age 30

Susan Sarandon has been a very respected name in the acting industry for many decades now. She and her ex-boyfriend, Franco Amurri, have a beautiful daughter named Eva Amurri. Eva was somehow inspired by her mother growing up so she later decided to pursue a career as an actress as well. She takes credit for roles in shows like Californication and  Middle of Nowhere. Her mom has managed to have a stable amount of earnings through acting for so many years, so the question now is, will Eva get to match or surpass the success her mom has had in her career?

Snoop Dogg & Cordell Broadus at Age 21

Calvin Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg has become a musical legend since launching his debut album Doggy Style in 1993. His career has expanded to include roles in films and TV series and now he’s set to release a clothing line in collaboration with his son. Born in 1997, Cordell Broadus, Snoop’s son, toyed with football and modeling but now seems to have settled on business and fashion, as the creative director of Joyrich. It may be the perfect time for the Broadus family to buy stocks in Joyrich if they haven’t already.

Like father, like son, or at least we hope, for Henry’s sake. Find out who they are, up Next!

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