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Child Stars All Grown Up – Where Are They Now & What Are They Up To?

Child stars are often properly groomed for the limelight – they are taught the rudiments of the celebrity lifestyle and how to navigate the topsy-turvy torrents of mild chaos they are tossed in, on account of their fame. Yet, they hardly seem fully aware of the principles of growing up – from the unfamiliar waters of wealth management to how to react when your fortune comes crashing down in a pile of bankruptcy pleas; nobody usually cares for real-life lessons. Thankfully, it isn’t all sob stories for our favorite acts  – while some celebs take credit for a few bad choices, others put their earnings to good use. Today, whatever the case, they are all grown up and newsworthy. Let’s take a look at some of the child stars that kept on shining, and those that didn’t…


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