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Celebrity Houses That Even Other Stars Dream To Have

Being wealthy and famous means you can have everything you want. In a world where having the house of your dreams entails a long and winding road to mortgage applications and home loans, the idea of having a well-endowed bank account is quite daunting. But not for celebrities. However, owning a luxury home comes with issues such as what home security systems to install or how to pay your installments on time– so it is a common sight to see a few celebs drowning in a sea of debt or choosing to invest their earnings in maintaining their social status. Meanwhile, here are some celebrity houses to whet your appetite.

Kate Hudson – $5.3 Million, Pacific Palisades

American actress Kate Hudson thought of buying a new real estate. Instead of moving, Hudson bought a house in Pacific Palisades and the property is right next to her current home. The popular actress gave a whopping $5.3 million for the new mansion and it includes six bathrooms, a spa, pool, and five bedrooms. We are not sure if this beauty is supposed to be a guest house or if Hudson would leave her old place and move into this one. However, it looks like a dreamy place for both her guests and for her.

Dolly Parton – $1.4 Million, Brentwood

The shining country singer Dolly Parton chose Brentwood as her retirement place. The star had a 50+ year huge career and has given dozens of successful albums as well as singles. She resides in a beautiful estate in Brentwood right near Marilyn Monroe’s residence. The house is guarded by a large iron gate leading to a driveway inside. There is a huge tennis court in her backyard, several gazebos and a huge open space to relax and roam around. The inside interior is eye-catching especially the peachy color scheme. The star has perfectly decorated her house with 20th-century furniture.

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