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The Truth About Sandra Bullock’s Wealth and Her Secret Adoption

It has been an eventful year for Sandra Bullock who lost her marriage and won an Oscar, all within the span of a few short months. But before parting ways from her estranged husband, Jesse James, the Bird Box actress came out with a bombshell revelation that the couple had been trying to adopt for the past four years. The news was initially kept secret from the rest of the world for years. They kept Louis hidden from the media until Bullock won the Oscar.

Unfortunately, she had to finish the adoption process alone after a cheating scandal involving her longtime husband, James, rocked their marriage. She is happier today with her kids, and isn’t planning on getting married again anytime soon. Bullock revealed that her biggest fear is being away from her kids and not being able to make enough time for them.

She is one of the highest earning actresses in the world with a production company called Fortis Films. The company has created eight critically-acclaimed movies so far putting her net worth over $200 million.

She has also scored lucrative deals from different companies including George Lopez sitcom. Bullock has done a lot of movies and animated voicing in her career. But besides her acting career, she also owns several successful businesses including a restaurant and café in Austin. Her role in Gravity gave her an Oscar nomination with a payout of $60 million.

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