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Tiffany Haddish Had No Clue How Famous She Really Was Until THIS Moment

When you are a celebrity, you know you have an influence over a huge number of people. Because the fans’ expectations are so high, you can’t do the things an average person does. Who doesn’t know Tiffany Haddish, the talented actress who has starred in various films and television shows? We know who the actress is, but she considers herself an outsider in the celebrity world. Haddish lives a normal life, because, even after gaining fame and fortune she hasn’t forgotten her humble roots.

Coming from an impoverished and troubled childhood, Haddish was more than grateful to find stardom at the age of 37. This makes her feel different when she meets other A-listers.

On New Year’s Eve, she discovered that she was more famous than she could imagine after her performance in Miami. When she came on stage, over two thousand cell phone lights were flashing in her direction, which made feel beyond special. The whole experience was so new to her that she couldn’t stop screaming in glee. It was a crazy way for Haddish to discover how much her fans really love her.

Haddish was born in one of the poorest parts of Los Angeles and raised in a difficult environment. Her father abandoned them when she was three, and their mother struggled to raise them alone. When she was eight years old, her mother sustained brain damage after a tragic car accident. She found herself in an abusive care system that almost killed her until her grandmother came to rescue them years later.

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