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Taylor Swift Wins Hearts by Donating Over $15,000 to Fan in Need

Being a star has its advantages and disadvantages – celebrities get tired of the fame and the constant following and prodding from media channels and critics but there’s always a way to see the brighter side of things and probably circumvent the downside of being popular. However, being a household name also meant a huge responsibility, which, again, can be looked at in two ways: as a burden or as a blessing.

There are countless times when we hear celebrities requesting fans and paparazzi to leave them alone or to give them some time off – and they’re not wrong in asking that. After all, they are humans who deserve privacy, too. Just like any other average person who wants to have some privacy to peacefully enjoy their meal at a restaurant or take a casually stroll at the mall. However, after these celebrities cross a certain level of  popularity, privacy becomes a distant and unachievable dream. Thus, we see and hear of celebs lashing out against their fans or cameramen.

The Success of Taylor Swift

However, there are a few exceptions to this: there are those that really know how to care and value for their avid fans and supporters despite their hectic schedule or their exhaustion – so much so that they go the extra mile of reaching out to them. Speaking of this, perhaps one of the greatest example of famous people that didn’t let success and fame get to their head is Taylor Swift, the country singer-turned-pop star that’s been taking this generation by storm.

Taylor Swift may be popular but she doesn’t let fame get to her head

Sales of her award-winning albums would prove just how massive she has become and how far she had come since her guitar-playing days. But moreover, the figures and multiple awards would be enough to say that she has a lot of avid fans. On her part, Swift has always stayed in touch with her supporters, making sure they know how grateful she is for them and how she appreciates all their love.

Massive Fan Base

Yup, Swifties (or how her massive fan base is called) should know that their idol actually notices their posts and efforts. That’s not all – she knows how to lend a hand when someone is need: case in point is when one of her fans badly needed money, although the supporter didn’t directly ask for the help of the singer. Additionally, the power of social media nowadays should be highlighted, as the fan, Sadie, took to Twitter to seek help from those who could help her financially after her mom went in a coma, and their financial resources were depleted.

Her fans have always held a special place in Taylor Swift’s heart

Sadie was humbly asking for the help of the Twitterverse and shared the GoFundMe page for her mom, who she said was progressing, albeit at a slow pace. Moreover, she mentioned that she went to Swift’s “1989” tour but two days prior that, her mom fell in a coma. She went on to explain that it was the “Delicate” singer that’s helped her stay sane all throughout the battle, and she used her graduation money and other savings to help her reach Nashville and witness the magic of the live performances.

Kind Acts

Little did Sadie know that her post would actually reach Swift in less than a month. One weekend, the Grammy Award-winning singer quietly donated $15,500 to the GoFundMe page, and left a note that it was from her and her cats, Meredith and Olivia. If it not for her fan who shared on Facebook that her idol donated, it wouldn’t have made headlines in news sites.

Yup, Swift helped her fans even without any paparazzi around, to which Sadie was extremely grateful for. In a lengthy post, the fan was gushing over the kind act and couldn’t even contain the happiness she felt. The “Bad Blood” singer’s gesture was hitting two birds with one stone: she got to help her struggling fan and she also started a ripple effect.

Taylor Swift has reached out to her fans before as well

Taylor’s donation ignited a fire, and money started pouring into the fund like rain: After fans found out that the pop idol donated, they started following suit and offered money to Sadie and her mom. Although this sounds unreal from the get-go, Swift is actually known to touch her fans’ lives in unique ways, usually without the need to publicize the actions.

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