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The Secret On How Celebrities Buy Their Houses Has Been Revealed!

Celebrities are known to have it all, such as amazing careers, luxury cars, and most of all have the biggest houses all over the country. It is no doubt that being a celebrity in the entertainment industry does have massive perks, hence a lot of people think that their fame and fortune is to die for. Getting a house alone already make them stand out from the rest, that is because a huge percentage of celebrities tend to get mansions as if they’re just going to be a part of their collections.

Buying A Home Like A Celebrity

With millions of dollars getting into their banks every single year, celebrities do have the kind of lifestyle that not everyone could have. A single-family home in the United States already cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and most people would choose to pay for it for 15 or 30 years since obviously, they don’t have enough money to pay for everything at once. However, celebrities tend to purchase houses that are not less than a million dollars.

Not all of them immediately buy houses to make it as their home, some of them rents a place just like one of the highest paid female artist of her generation, Taylor Swift, who rents her apartment for almost $40,000 a month in Manhattan Greenwich Village, while power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé spend more than a hundred thousand per month for their mansion in Los Angeles.

Another obvious sign how different the two worlds are, is that most celebrities get their very first home at such a young age, especially those who started in their teens. Most of them have made a purchase as if they are getting their first car, whereas most people who work 8-5 jobs get their very first home at the age of 30 and above, and it won’t even be for cash.

However, these, unlike normal people celebrities, have one particular requirement when getting a new house, and that is the fact that a house must not be listed just like an ordinary house now matter how expensive it may be.

Normal people often get their homes by checking the lists that are available on the market, but celebrities contact their agents to have a look at what they refer to as pocket listings, which is basically a list that is exclusive and the properties there are most likely within the price range of the rich and famous. This is why it is very popular for celebrities to purchase houses that another celebrity previously bought.

Some of the most popular house swaps are from Ellen DeGeneres to Ryan Seacrest, wherein the daytime hits sold her $37 million Beverly Hills mansion to the American Idol host back in 2011. When Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi moved out of their home, they moved into another mansion which turned out to be previously owned by Brad Pitt. A lot of celebrities don’t buy these mansions just because they want to live in every single one of them by trying to make it as a home by moving multiple times in every few years, one of the main reasons why they tend to purchase different houses is because they see them as an investment.

Real Estate Investment

When it comes to investment, a lot of people think that it is all about business and stocks, what they don’t realize is that making an investment towards the real estate industry is considered as one of the best investments you can make. It is perfectly understandable though that you must have millions of dollars to spare to be able to invest on such fortune, but that’s only because millions more will come back to you.

This is one of the main reasons why most celebrities get into it, their careers may have gotten them such fame and fortune but only time will tell until when it would last, so making investments as much as they can is an ideal way to spend their money.

This is another difference that normal people have with celebrities when it comes to houses, not everyone can buy a million-dollar mansion and have it sold right away. Financial experts believe that celebrities use their names and cash to sell the houses they purchase, and they don’t borrow money just to make such investments.

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