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Naomi Campbell Fans Can Get a Glimpse into Her £45 Million Luxury Life

Naomi Campbell needs no introduction in the modeling industry. She was among the reigning queens of the runway in the 90s and has moved on to other ventures. Campbell doesn’t shy away from showing her flamboyant life that involves a lot of spending on luxury clothing, cars, houses and more. Recently, she launched a YouTube channel called “Being Naomi,” that opens her glamorous life to her fans.

The video platform will provide fans with an opportunity to communicate with her and watch some of the things she does on a day-to-day basis as an in-demand model, businesswoman, and activist. Now that the model and Liam Payne are everywhere, the channel may do justice in clarifying what is happening between them.

Campbell has a reputation for being unpredictable, volatile, and unsteady. The model is worth over £45 million and has dated some of the wealthiest men like Louis C.Camilleri, Eric Clapton, Michael Fassbender, Vladislav Doronin and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Campbell’s life is fast-paced and centered around private jets, luxury yachts, exotic cars, and spending sprees. Yet, she is an angel when it comes to charity. She blends philanthropy and fashion effortlessly through her various humanitarian causes around the world. She is not married and has no child, but wishes that she finds someone whom she can share these two things with.

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