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How Many of These Facts Did You Know About Piers Morgan?

Piers Morgan’s rise from the murky waters of the tabloid to global stardom is an awe-inspiring story, even to some of his biggest detractors. Morgan has become a household name in the television industry with some of the biggest hosting jobs on shows like Larry King Live and Good Morning Britain. Morgan has been a talented star ever since he was young. In his 20s, he became the youngest newspaper editor for the News of the World and worked his way to the top at the Daily Mirror. When he reached the age of 39, he had lost his job and had no idea what else to do with his career.

He eventually found a job as the host of Good Morning Britain and quickly won the audience’s hearts with his charming personality. Fans thought that Morgan would never leave the talk show but he broke their hearts with a shocking announcement that it was time for him to bow out of the ITV daytime show.

Fortunately, that was not the last we saw of Morgan because his break from television screens only lasted for three weeks. Morgan’s opinionated nature has landed him in trouble plenty of times and made him a famous figure in the media.

He displayed his critical side by becoming a  judge in the 2006 edition of America’s Got Talent, alongside David Hasselhoff. Morgan married the love of his life, Celia Walden and they live in New York, but share time in London and California with their kids.

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