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This Is How Celebrities Get Treated While Giving Birth

It has been known for quite awhile now that the fertility rate in the United States is dropping and experts believe this may not be a temporary thing. With the millennials growing up as adults, it is becoming clear that a big percentage of them choose not to have children and people are also getting more responsible when it comes to being intimate as to using different kinds of protection. One of the main reasons for the drop is said to be the cost of pregnancy, giving birth, and raising a child. It is a known fact for so many years now that raising a child is such an expensive matter, but delivering a baby could also leave you bankrupt.

Beyoncé after giving birth to firstborn Blue Ivy

Most women find it inspiring when they read about celebrities or other famous people’s birth stories. However, it most likely that they have a way different approach when it comes or delivering their child into the world, that is because they are doing it in the most subtle luxurious way.

Give Birth Like A Celebrity

When a normal person goes to the hospital to deliver a baby, it usually happens in the delivery room and once its done they will get transferred in the normal room. It seems so casual because that’s just how it works if you belong to the middle-class families in the country, and you wouldn’t like the bills as well.

For the rich and famous, it is a different case, that is because they will usually get treated so special and it will most likely cost double the standard rate or more. Instead of staying in a small hospital room, they would have a suite with a VIP treatment. Just like earlier this year when the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her third child Prince Louis, it may not have been shown, but the Duchess were of course given the Imperial Private Healthcare, which make it seem like they’re staying in a hotel suite instead of a hospital room.

Unlike other waiting dads who gets to sleep on a small couch, Prince William of course wasn’t just any father so he was treated very highly of course.

It’s the same with the Stars of Hollywood, three of the Kardashian sisters welcomed their babies this year. One of the most publicized one was when Khloe Kardashian gave birth in Cleveland, Ohio in the midst of a scandal involving her baby-daddy. Her mother Kris Jenner, flew all the way there along with her OB-GYNE, which is way too far from being normal of course. There will also be some luxurious features involved, which is already expected. If you have tons of money to spare, then why would you want to stay in a small hospital room and eat an extremely bland meal.

VIP Baby Delivery

Aside from such luxurious rooms and VIP treatment, it is known that famous people also require the services of the best medical team their money can buy. If there was something wrong with their baby, they would have immediate access to the top neonatal specialist to look after their newborns. This is a great advantage of having so much money, if it was ordinary people, they will most likely acquire mediocre services and if their child needs more care, they might spend most of their money on it that may leave them broke.

Of course, the newborns are not the only ones that needs care, the mother also requires a lot of attention. It turns out that 700-900 women actually die after giving birth because they weren’t taken care of. With famous people, they usually have their medical team looking after their every move for 24/7.

Just like in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s hospital, where they have to keep an eye on the members of the royal family while giving birth. They will most likely do the same once the Duchess of Sussex gives birth a couple of months from now.

All these special treatments and luxurious lifestyle may not be as necessary, they do play a massive role when it comes to the safety of the mother and child after the delivery. Everything has a price of course, which is why healthcare can be really pricey that leads to most people not wanting to have a child.

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