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Alec Baldwin Breaks The Internet With SHOCKING Family News

When you turn 60, which is considered the golden age in Hollywood, there are things many people don’t expect from you like having a baby. Little wonder, Alec Baldwin shocked his fans with excitement with the announcement that he had a fifth baby on the way. The father of four kids with his wife, Hilaria are nowhere close to being done with their family expansion. The couple, who shares three boys and one girl, say that they desire another child.

There is no law that stops them from getting another child, hence the surprising pregnancy news. When Baldwin expressed his wish for a fourth baby, Hilaria quickly warmed up to the idea of being pregnant again. She said she would continue trying until she gets a baby girl.

The couple loves their kids but had to make adjustments when they hired a live-in nanny. The initial plan was no full-time help because Hilaria wants to be 100% involved in raising her kids. However, Brady wanted to spend more time with her and made the decision so that they could go on romantic dates and getaways without worrying about the kids.

Brady has not stayed away from controversies over the years, and was even lucky enough to escape a jail term. We believe with a fifth child, the comic actor may have his hands too full to get into trouble in the future.

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