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Let’s Uncover How Much Your $10 Worth has Been Throughout the Years

There’s no doubt that most people nowadays are suffering from the increase of inflation rate. As our economy continues fluctuating depending on the market’s performance, it greatly affects the consumer’s purchasing power. Let us uncover how much the American dollar is worth throughout the years and what could you buy with it today.

The Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a CPI Inflation calculator for the Americans to determine the value of a $10 bill in every first month of the year, ranging from 1965 to 2010, compared to how much worth it is today.

The researchers took the liberty to examine the inflation rates in this time-frame and the findings they discovered were astounding! Ranging from buying those Sharpies to New Balance Shoes, the cost of these products differ as they try to evaluate the consumer’s purchasing power for the past few years.


You can fulfill your dream of wearing the branded New Balance Shoes if you lived in 1965!

If you lived in the year 1965, your $10 today would cost around $80.82! That’s enough to buy an expensive pair of New Balance Shoes! A pair of New Balance Shoes today will cost you around $79.99. This left millions of New Balance fans all over the world wishing they could turn back the time and buy their favorite shoes at a cheaper rate!


If you live a year after, your $10 would’ve cost around $79.29, still close to $80 mark. This is enough to buy high-quality makeup products from the makeup retail giant Sephora! What’s more? Rihanna’s fans would’ve rejoiced since they could’ve bought Rihanna’s Fenty makeup palette!

Today, a Galaxy-Eyes palette from Sephora costs around $79. In the year 1966, your $10 would be enough to buy that one Fenty shimmery palette.


Today, a 2018 leatherbound imitation of the Bible cost around $76.56.

Are you fond of collecting various editions and collector’s copies of The Holy Bible? You would’ve wished you were born in the year 1967, then. Your $10 today would cost around $76.64 back then. And it’s enough for you to obtain a leather-bound copy of the Bible. You could take your time turning the pages of this leatherbound sacred scripture as you read for your daily bread.


Do you love traveling? Your $10 today would be enough to buy a one-way ticket from New York City to Boston. In 1966, a $10 would’ve cost around $73.94, and you would still have some change left since today it costs around $69.


You would’ve bought Kylie’s Birthday palette for only $10 if you lived in the 1970s.

Want to buy Kylie Jenner’s Special Birthday palette? You can do so if you lived in the 1970s. Your $10 would’ve cost around $66.71 around that year, which can cover her Eyeshadow’s collection for only $65.


Have you been dreaming of buying Alexa or Amazon Echo? You could do so if you lived in 1974. Your $10 today would’ve cost around $54.11, just enough to buy Amazon Echo Dot with the smart speaker Alexa for only $49.99.


Want to buy those branded Apple products like its innovative headphones? You could do so if you lived in the 1980s. The tech giant first launched in 1980 and their headphones cost around $29, you would still have some money left in your pocket since the $10 in 1980 would cost around $32.41.


Have you been addicted to buying  Red Bull Energy Drinks either to finish your study or pull an all-nighter to finish your work? Well, your $10 back then was enough to buy a dozen of Red Bull Energy drink for only $19.69.


Want to indulge yourself in 3 pints of ice cream? You could do so if you lived in the year 2000s. Your $10 today would cost around $14.94 during that time. What’s more? Your favorite Ben and Jerry’s classic Phish Food ice cream only cost around $4.79 and you could enjoy eating three tubs of it back then.


If you’ve lived around 8 years ago, you would enjoy drinking around 2 cups of Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks for only $5 each. In 2010, your $10 cost a little higher at $11.64, or you could upgrade it to a Grande.

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