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Here’s A Great Way To Reduce Your Taxes Before The Year Ends

April has got to be one of the least liked months by Americans because that means they have to file for their federal and state taxes which are usually due on the 15th. Of course only adults who earn money are the ones who must pay taxes, but some of them still don’t understand the significance of paying for taxes.

Taxes are being paid for by the nation and it goes to the government workers. Taxes are usually paid for on different forms such as in income taxes it usually comes from your income, while value-added taxes comes from the money you have to pay for a product or service. Everyone who pays taxes knows that it will always depend on how much money you make.

This is a civic duty that everyone must follow, it is in accordance of the law and if you choose not to pay for your taxes then the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS will come after you. Some people who don’t pay for them on time usually gets penalties but some get arrested for tax evasion. So it is best to always pay your taxes but if you wish you reduce your tax burden, then here are a couple of tips that you can follow.


Tax Day happens every 15th of April in the United States every single year since it started in 1955. However, there are times that it doesn’t fall exactly on the 15th. In 2017 it was on the 18th and this year it was on the 17th

Maximize Your Deductions

The year is about to end once more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is too late for you to figure out how to reduce your tax burdens for the year. What you can do is to max out your deductions, especially if your tax returns deduction just match the standard deductions.

You may start off by making a medical appointment before the last day of December, that is because if you spend more than 7.5 percent of your adjusted income for this year alone when it comes to anything that you have paid of in the medical department, then you may deduct the costs.

It is also ideal to do it on the property taxes because if you paid not more than ten grand for the local taxes this year then you will most likely get the most of local and state taxes deduction next year, but only if the state you live in allows it.
Another great way to maximize the deductions would be when you double up your donation on the charity you have been supporting as well as make you donations for next year before 2018 ends. This wouldn’t just benefit your chosen charity but your pocket as well, just make sure to put it into the donor-advised fund.

Put More On Retirement Savings

One of the most important things to make sure of while you’re working is to have enough money when you retire. It is also a good reason for you to contribute the maximum amount on the 401(k). The employer-sponsored plan can bump it up before the year ends and what you must do is to increase the amount that is from the withheld previous paycheck, just make sure to reset your withholding when 2019 hits. It can be maxed put to $18,500 per year and even more if you are older than 50 since that is near retirement age.

Max Out Your Health Savings

Another thing that you should maximize is your health savings account. For those who have a high-deductible health plan or the HDHP, it is now the time of Your to fund your HSA before the tax-filing deadline hits for this year since you may receive a bigger deduction.

Use FSA Money

Finally, it is also helpful to spend the FSA funds before the year ends. That is because some employers turn out to allow about $500 for FSA to be carried on to next year but typically it doesn’t roll over. This basically means that before January hits, you must go get your flu shots, get your eye checked, schedule medical check-ups and more. This wouldn’t just make sure that you are healthy by the year ends, but may also get those deductions.

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