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Hacks That Will Help Reduce Your Gym Membership Expenses

  1. Do Not Pay The Requisite Initiation Fee Automatically

Tom Holland who was once a gym owner and also the author of a book on Gym said paying initiation fee at most gyms is fully negotiable. While speaking to a media agency, he said the best time for negotiating is during summer when a fewer number of persons are interested in signing up. However, in January, getting a good price is always harder.

Payment of initiator fee at most gyms is actually negotiable

  1. Choose To Pay For Each Individual Visit

A lot of gyms do not publicize it, but several gyms allow the gym users to pay for each visit individually. Although it may appear to be more expensive it is still worth considering. University of California’s economists discovered that the average gym visitor who is enrolled in a monthly or yearly membership plan pays 70% more than people who pay per individual visit.

That is for savings totaling about $300 each year. As such, before signing up, honestly ask yourself the number of times you will really go to the gym weekly. That will help you determine when you have to save as well as when you will spend on a fitness routine.

The average gym visitor who is enrolled in a monthly or yearly membership plan pays 70% more than people who pay per individual visit

  1. Try the gym first

Signing up for a gym membership which you would end up not using is a very huge waste of resource. As such, sample things before signing up for a gym membership. Different big-name chains such as Crunch, 24 Hour Fitness and Equinox reportedly offer trials from a day to even a whole week.

Upon inquiry, you would discover that a lot of fitness centers also have the option of a week or a day trial. You should take advantage of that before fully getting committed into their membership plan.

  1. Get free training sessions

Quite a number of personal trainers are always willing to give their clients their very first session free. You should always request for that notwithstanding the fact that you have plans of buying a package.

There are personal trainers that are always willing to give their clients their very first session free.

  1. Be ready to partner with your friends

If you intend to use a personal trainer for your workout and you still want to avoid having to pay a high price. You should recruit some friends and then ask the trainer to offer small training for your group.

The cost would be split among you and your friends and at the end of the day, you all will still be able to benefit from the expertise of the trainer. Sources claim that this also is of benefit to the trainers since it is now possible for them to charge less. However, there is still a possibility that they would earn more with this kind of arrangement.

  1. Make Plans To Save

Those who are always willing to make advance payments often get a membership discount. Some gyms give between 10% and 20% discount to people who pay for one whole year at once. However, before you do that, ensure that you know how long the gym has been in existence and you should ask what would happen should the company cease functioning.

  1. Do Not Spend When You Are Not In Town

If you will not be around for one month or even more, ask the relevant person at your gym if there is a possibility to freeze the membership for the duration of the time you’ll be away.

  1. Stay Away From Smoothie Outlets

There are smoothies that can cause you to gain as high as 500 calories. That has the ability to negate all the workout you have done. It is advisable that you make your smoothies by yourself. That way, you get to save money as well as calories.

It is important that before signing the gym membership form, you consult with the department of human resources at your office. There are a lot of health insurance providers as well as corporations where it is possible to get full reimbursements or even discounts for your gym memberships. However, there is no way you will know if you do not ask.

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