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Golden Age Celebrities You Thought Are Long Gone But They Are Still As Alive & Kicking As In Their Golden Years

In both film and music industries, it’s never easy knowing where all our favorite stars are at all times. Old films or evergreen songs often give a familiar ring to us but big stars of the times past still might need a picture attached to their name for us to remember. With that in mind, we love talking about celebs’ whereabouts but there are always some we miss out on and with old age – they are often thought to be dead, whereas in reality they’re just focused on their retirement planning, which – more often than not – doesn’t include red carpet appearances. Hollywood is easy to remember but quick to forget so we now decided to pull a list of our favorite senior celebs who still enjoy life at its best, even though we forgot they’re even alive. You just might be surprised.

Lynda Carter – 68

Lynda Carter is a multi-talented American actress, singer, model and a beauty icon. She entered the industry by industry by winning a beauty pageant. Then she starred as Wonder Woman in the hit series that aired from 1975 to 1979. Miss World USA of 1972  didn’t find many roles in Hollywood during her era but when Carter starred as Diana Prince, she rose to fame once again. Today, she focuses on her music career and she has launched quite a lot of albums that her fans can listen to!

Rebecca De Mornay – 60

Rebecca De Mornay is one the very few 80’s stars that still stands out. Her name is remembered not just because of her raw beauty but for her talented acting career as well. While De Mornay’s career did not get a strong start, she got to star next to Tom Cruise in one of the few film projects she worked on. Her stardom wasn’t as materialized as other celebrities in the beginning but she did her best in Hollywood for the time she has spent in the industry. Today, her professional life has flourished especially since she got a role in Jessica Jones. Other than that, De Mornay invests the remainder of her time on her family life.

Elisabeth Shue – 56

Elisabeth Shue has spent 30 years of her life making a career in Hollywood. She was known as the girl next door. A little known fact about her is that she left Harvard to pursue acting! He debut was 1984’s The Karate Kid and that legacy has stayed with her till today. She proved she was a bankable celebrity and that’s where her life changed. She later starred in Back to the Future II and III. After so many classics and even an Oscar nomination, Elisabeth now focuses on being a great mother and wife to her family.

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