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These Celebrities Insured Their Bodies

Everyone insures their most precious possessions. We insure our homes, our cars, and lives. However, when it comes to the famous people, they have many different valuables than us, and that’s their body parts, or more specifically the body parts that help them make their millions.

So let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who have insured their prized assets.

 Bette Davis

Known as one of the greatest Hollywood actresses of the twentieth century, this talented actress was known for portraying strong female characters and her iconic tiny waist. That’s why it’s no surprise that she had it insured for $28.000, and would have been compensated in case her waist expanded to a size that wasn’t considered corset-safe. This was the sum in the 1930s and today that would rack up to $357, 000.

 Jimmy Durante

This composer, singer, songwriter, actor, and comedian was truly a man of many talents. Nonetheless, his trademark soon became his large nose, which gave him the nickname “Schnozzola”. That’s why he had his nose insured in the 1940s for $50,000.

 Dolly Parton

This country singer and actress from Tennessee known for songs such as “Jolene” and “Coat of many colors” has a lot of trademarks: her platinum blond hair, blue eyes, lips, and her southern accent. By far, her most famous feature is her large chest. That’s why this singer had it insured for $600,000.


One of the most popular pop singers of this century, Rihanna values her body as much as her voice. What catches the eye of most people are her legs, which were awarded “Legs of a Goddess” by Gilette. These goddess’s legs are insured for $1 million.

 Keith Richards

This guitarist, singer, and songwriter is best known as the founder of the Rolling Stones. Keith knows that his hands are the thing which got him and his band the fame he has today. That’s why he insured them for $1.6 million.


When this pop diva and legend first came to the scene as a fresh, new artist, her breasts were one of her trademarks, and she proudly showed them off in her music videos. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a total surprise that the singer had them insured for a high sum of $2 million.

 Heidi Klum

One of Victoria’s Secret best and the most popular models, Heidi Klum is known as the tall, blonde beauty. What helps her walk the runway are her stunning long legs, which are insured for $2 million.

 Tina Turner

This iconic pop singer is a great dancer, making her performances on stage memorable. That’s what makes her legs so valuable and why she insured them for $3.2 million. That insurance covers leg sores and even cellulite.

 Daniel Craig

This James Bond actor was known for doing his own stunts and that’s why he insured his whole body while filming Quantum of Solace for $9.5 million. Since his stunts were dangerous, this was a smart move. The policy covered everything from broken bones to torn ligaments.

 America Ferrara

She is mostly known for the show Ugly Betty where she played the main character. However, this actress is anything but ugly. In fact, she has one of the most beautiful smiles and when she became the face of Aquafresh, the toothpaste company decided to insure her smile for $10 million.

 Julia Roberts

When you think of this talented actress, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably her smile, which is one of the most recognizable ones in Hollywood. That’s probably why this Pretty Woman actress reportedly has it insured for $30 million.

 Michael Flatley

This lord of the dance in 1998 achieved 35 taps per second and was recognized by the Guinness book of world records as the highest paid dancer. As his legs have earned him so much money that the king of dance insured them for $40 million.

 David Beckham

When you’re one of the world’s most famous and sought after soccer players, a lot of the other team’s players probably don’t want to see you play. Soccer matches can be dangerous with all of the kicking and tripping while you’re running at full speed. That’s why this soccer player had his entire body insured for $195 million in case he ever got hurt and couldn’t play the sport.

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