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You’ll Never Guess Why Kim Kardashian is Going Back to School

Kim Kardashian is already great in many things. She’s a hundred millionaire, a reality television star, and one of the biggest influencers of this generation.

But she wants to be more. And it seems that she’s finally decided on what she wants to be at 38 years old. Believe it or not, Kardashian wants to become a lawyer.

Legal Dreams

Kardashian and Trump after a meeting at the Oval Office where they discussed the Alice Marie Johnson case

She revealed her new career plan in a recent interview for Vogue magazine’s cover issue. The businesswoman is set to begin her four-year apprenticeship at an unnamed San Francisco law firm and plans to take the California Bar Examinations in 2022.

The said exam is believed to be one of the most difficult ones with former first lady Hilary Clinton even failing it on her first try. But it seems like Kardashian is determined enough to work and study hard for it.

According to the reality star, she made the decision to uncharacteristic back last year when her first brush with the justice system led to positive results. It can be remembered that Kardashian was an instrumental figure in the winning of the Alice Marie Johnson case. Kardashian even got to work together with President Donald Trump on the matter.

The Johnson case is about a 63-year-old woman who was given a life sentence without parole in the 1990s. It was an interesting case because the woman was harshly convicted for money laundering despite never having any other grave offenses before it. After learning about Johnson’s life, Kardashian made it her mission to advocate for her release.

Following Her Father’s Footsteps

The reality star’s father is the late Robert Kardashian Sr. a renowned defense lawyer.

Though Kardashian isn’t really the type of person people expect to go into law, her decision makes more sense when you consider the fact that her deceased father was himself a lawyer.

Being Robert Kardashian Sr.’s second eldest daughter, she said that she grew up interested in the subject. Her father is most known for being O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney in one of the most controversial murder trials in Hollywood.

She even remembers some details of the work her father put into the trial. According to Kardashian, her father and his associates would use their home as their weekend office and had a secret closet where he kept his records of the trial’s evidence.

How She’ll Do It

Kardashian is set to take her ‘baby bar’ exams this coming summer.

Fortunately, California offers an alternate path to the bar for people like Kardashian who weren’t able to get their bachelor’s degree. The state allows people to go through a process called ‘reading the law’ which means they have to apprentice for a practicing judge or lawyer to qualify for the exam. But, before finishing that, the reality star needs to take the ‘baby bar’ exams given by the state to see if she can qualify to proceed with her studies.

When asked about the most challenging part of her studies, Kardashian admitted she has a hard time with reading. While she can easily grasp concepts, the busy star finds it too time-consuming to go through her law readings.

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