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The Simpson’s 636th Episode Made a Historic Record in U.S. TV

Last April 29, 2018, the popular TV series The Simpsons just released its 636th episode, and it became a memorable event not only for its loyal viewers but also because it beat Gunsmoke’s title. Today, the Simpsons enjoy bearing the title of the most scripted episodes in the U.S. TV history.

While this milestone is indeed a promising one and worth-celebrating, it still has a long way to go to beat Gunsmoke and Law and Order since both series still tied for the spot as the longest-running live-action primetime series. Both series have produced over 20 seasons as of this writing.

Forgive and Regret

The Simpson’s 636th episode was entitled “Forgive and Regret” wherein Grandpa Simpson (played by Dan Castellaneta), made a confession to Homer (also played by Castellaneta), while on his deathbed. However, after he had recovered, Grandpa realized that the issue was not easily reconcilable. Groening congratulated the whole team for a job well done. Looking back, he didn’t expect his series to achieve this much success. He remembered how they didn’t even know if Fox network was going to last back then, let alone their own show.

Matt Groening, The Simpsons creator, certainly didn’t expect his series to last this long, let alone achieve a record-breaking milestone

At first, Fox was just an experiment network, but the management allowed Groening and his team to do whatever they wanted for the show. He claimed that their freedom in creativeness must be one of the secrets why they’re able to achieve massive success. The Simpsons currently have 29 seasons aired with season 30 already in progress. It also shattered left to right records like becoming the most famous TV show for families all around the world. By the end of season 30, the T.V. show will have produced an astounding 669 episodes in total!

Fox’ Landmark Series

Meanwhile, Gary Newman and Dana Walden, the chairman, and CEO of Fox network celebrated the Simpson’s success in a joint statement. They said the management didn’t regret renewing the show since last 2016. In addition, the Simpsons became a pivotal show for the network, that it became the face or landmark series of the company.

Fox’s management lauded the combined brilliance and creative talents of Jim Brooks, Al Jean, and Matt Groening for producing such a masterpiece

They also congratulated the whole cast, from the voice actors, producers, and writers for producing one of the greatest TV shows, not only in the United States but also in the world. Lastly, they thanked the millions of Simpson fans worldwide for watching and patronizing the show throughout these years.

If it weren’t for their loyalty, the show wouldn’t last this long. And as a gift of gratitude, they tease the fans that there’ll be more to come so they should look forward to it.

A Lifetime Series?

Matt Groening says the show still has a long way to go, so its viewers can expect to watch Simpsons for many years to come

Groening also said how the show became a forum for comedy ideas. Despite the humor they instilled on the Simpsons, it also serves as the sophisticated references for epic literature and cinemas and converts it into a cartoon gag. When he was asked if there will be a time Simpsons won’t air on TV, he claimed that he didn’t think so.

He’s confident that Fox won’t cancel the show anytime soon. In fact, he hopes for the show to last a lifetime. Aside from that, the Simpsons still have a bucket list to accomplish. Aside from achieving a digital milestone, Groening hopes that the show will have its own full theme park with rides, Krusty Burger, and a 600-feet tall statue if Homer as the center of attraction in the near future.

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