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New Study Reveals Films With Female Leads Make More Money

It has been such a sensitive topic nowadays to talk about equality for both gender in all aspects in the society. Most people believe that there things a man can do that women can’t, but at the same time, there are also things that women can do that men can’t.

It is just how things are supposed to be, but this doesn’t mean that there has to be some kind of competition wherein people have to pick sides. Unfortunately, there is what people refer to as gender bias, which usually happens around everyone every single day. One of the most popular places where this happens is on the big screen.

Women On Films

It has been known that men seemed to have dominated the Hollywood industry for years now and more of them are getting acknowledgment, but so does a few women. Despite all that, however, it would seem that the women in the industry are far more famous in the big screen with all the money they seem to be attracting in the box office.

That is all based on an all-new research from the Creative Artists Agency and shift7, which happens to be the company that was started by the former chief technology officer of the United States, Megan Smith. According to the analysis, most of the top grossing films from the year 2014 up to 2017 are led by women, such as Wonder Woman, Trolls, Moana, and more.

They are just a few who managed to grab hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office and them totally out-earned films that are led by male actors on almost every single budget level. It didn’t even matter whether what kind of genre it was, women are totally on the lead.

Based on the research, the films have passed what they refer to as the Bechdel test. This is where a gender-biased test is being measured. Ever since the year 2012, all the films that made over a billion in revenue has managed to pass the said test. It was revealed that the study had to include 350 films wherein 105 of them has a female lead, whereas 245 are led by male actors.

What they had to do was to break down all the size of the budget by categorizing them with how much it earned. According to the former chief technology expert, the research found that there are in fact a lot of conventional wisdom that the films with female lead have.

For some, it can be boring so they’re technically underdogs. However, the research obviously said otherwise which is considered to be such a great thing since women-led films are not that typical especially if it doesn’t require a man with them as a lead.

Feminists and support groups are of course so glad on how well women-led films have done so great in the past couple of years, however, this, of course, faced major backlash on how it can also be considered as gender biased. Experts from UCLA think that one of the major reasons why films with female leads suddenly got a major boost was all because of the rise of the Me Too movement as well as other trends the past couple of years have seen, which usually was about women.

More and more celebrities have already revealed some of their stories and experiences such as being harassed due to gender bias. Most people think, however, that gender bias only applies to women, but it is known as gender bias for a reason, so men can get affected as well.

Understanding Gender Bias

Being a prejudice toward one gender is said to be inevitable, especially with the saying that women must always stick with their fellow women to be able to keep the sacred sisterhood. What people need to understand is that equality goes with every single direction, hence it involves those who belong to the LGBT community.

It is no surprise that women can easily boycott films with male lead just because they found out about this study and would like to keep things in their favor. Unfortunately, doing so will be something that is known to be gender bias, and it is too far from being okay and it is totally an unacceptable behavior.

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