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How to Move on If You Don’t Land Your Dream Job

A lot of people have tried to apply for fantastic job opportunities but were unable to secure the job for different reasons. The failure to land the job might be regardless of the fact that you passionately carried out your research and even performed excellently well at the interview in your own opinion.

It is normal for you to get angry about the effort and time you invested into preparing for the job which ended up becoming a waste.

Rejection actually hurts and it’s normal for people to take such situations personally. However, it is important to remain motivated and actually begin job hunting again because one rejection ought not to stop you from seeking out other opportunities. As you plan to begin your job search again, there are some paramount things you should put into consideration.

1. Learn From Things That Went Wrong

It is up to you to honestly analyze your past performance. Look upon your presentation and try to remember the questions that were asked at the interview and the answers you provided.  The issue might have been with your answers and those are the ones which you probably need to improve for subsequent times.

A lot of people do not have the entire experience required by the employer. Ask yourself how well you were able to draw a link between the different experiences for your employer and highlight the operation of your set of transferable skills. It is also important that you try to remember how you answered the questions, i.e. your attitude. It might have been the factor that made you lose the job. You may also need to look back on how well your body language was. These are the questions you need to ask yourself and figure out to help your preparation for the next interview.  You do not want to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

You are not alone if you have a slight depression or feel lethargic as a result of not getting the job. Give yourself time to actually vent and let out your anger in whatever way you want to. Once you release those emotions, then you need to move on. Letting out these angry emotions and thoughts and also getting past such negative feelings helps contribute to a fast-paced progress.

2. Substituting Negative Energy With Positive Ones

According to behavioral psychologists, there is a need to kick out negative self-messages and replace them with positive messages that build self-esteem. One trick a person can use is evaluating the very first thing you see, read and hear as soon as you wake up every morning. The first thing to do is to create a series of personal affirmations highlighting the reasons for your greatness. These affirmations should be couched in the present tense.

Positivity is important and you need to replace negative self-messages with positive ones

Since they are positive affirmations about yourself, ensure that you use just positive, definite and affirmative words. Avoid the use of words such as could or might as it is more effective to make use of words that actually indicate that you are taking steps. The affirmations should also be written in the first person and start each with the personal pronoun “I”.

Next, you pen down a positive statement about yourself as well as others about your chosen career as if they were already true. You should also avoid beating around the bush and remain specific.

For instance, you can write:

I love what I do

I love my job

I use my talents to help others people daily

I have amazing planning and organization skills.

Each day, make the affirmations the first thing you begin with.  As soon as you wake up, take out a couple of minutes to pin down the affirmations and recite them aloud while writing. You can allot between ten to fifteen minutes for the exercise. Go ahead to repeat the writing and also speaking process till the time lapses. Ensure that you go through the list daily and you don’t give up halfway. It is advisable to practice that for thirty days. At the end of the period, your thoughts would have experienced a change and that can have a positive transformation of your beliefs.

Begin your day with your positive affirmations as that helps to boost your self-esteem

You need to keep up with these principles until your application becomes successful. Even after the application gets successful, keep your mindset positive as it is a vital component of your success. Try to revise the affirmations when you get the job and keep reciting them as often as you can.

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