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This Is The Major Reason Why A One-Page Resume Doesn’t Work Anymore

People often think that when they don’t get the job it is usually because they are overqualified or under qualified. It may also be because there are others who are more suitable for the job, or because of your resume. Most people don’t really listen to others people’s advice since they think they are not doing anything wrong, just like with the one-page resume rule.

Single-Page Resume Rule

It was previously believed that keeping your resume in a single page will give you a higher possibility of getting hired. One of the reasons why this has been something that almost everyone believed in for years now is because making sure it is in a single page would make it precise.

Apparently, people don’t like to spend their time reading so much with so many applicants to be interviewed. However, nowadays most of these resumes are sent via email and people would like to find out necessary things about applicants so having it all written in one page may not be so important anymore.

It is very important for you to know that most important things to include on your resume, as well as the ones that must not be there. Some hiring managers think that not every information they need can be summed up into a piece of paper. It can give that impression that the person who wrote the resume is not that interest in getting the job since they didn’t put an effort to it.

Those who are applying for a higher position usually have longer resumes since it is a must for them to include all the experience they had in the past, some employers get impressed by those experiences so it is very crucial to include everything no matter how long it takes you.

Based on an online simulation hiring process conducted by a resume writing company known as ResumeGo, hiring managers chose the two-page resumes instead of the single-page ones because it usually means these people have way more experience and have put on an effort to the resume. Without the effort, it could mean that there is absolutely no passion and drive from the person.

What Your Resume Must Be Like

Experts believe that writing a resume that follows a format usually gets picked since this would help the hiring manager read the precise resume since it can either be in chronological, function, or combination style. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they make it seem so obvious that they literally just copied a resume online and edited it with their own information.

Keep in mind that hiring managers handle hundreds of resumes so they will be able to tell which ones are copied. This is why it is very important for you to take time on customizing your resume since that effort will totally be seen afterward compared to those who didn’t bother.

Another feature that must be included on your resume is your employment history. However, it is ideal to only include the reliable career experience that you have instead of putting every single job experience on it. Make sure to narrow it all down to the jobs that you think may be relevant to the job you’re applying for. For instance, you are applying for a job as a computer technician but you have had jobs that don’t really match to it just like being a nanny or a babysitter.

The secret is to make sure that you highlight the previous positions you’ve had that can demonstrate your qualification for the job you’re applying for. This will showcase the skills that you have and they will have an idea of what you are capable of.

Finally, this is something that some people don’t think is necessary with some jobs. Personal qualities are said to be just an addition to resumes that are too short especially with not much work experience, what people don’t know is that this can be a gateway for hiring managers to figure out what kind of person they are hiring as well as their work ethic.

After all, even if you have skills and experience, it doesn’t make you irreplaceable. Some hiring managers will look into the interests section and will find that you’re social media savvy, which could mean that you may spend your time on social media instead of working.

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