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There Are More Jobs Coming in 2019

Projected 2019 employment fortunes

Many job seekers are hopeful to clinch their dream jobs in every sector this year. More employment opportunities will be available as many employers are eager to hire more hands in 2019. In other words, the labor market workforce is ready to boom, a unique phenomenon that has never been seen since the era of the Recession.

Supporting this stand is Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup president, based in Milwaukee, North America. ManpowerGroup is an international staffing company. According to Frankiewicz, there is a strong indication that the new year will maintain its competitive and busy spirit especially of, er the first three months.

Every quarter, ManpowerGroup carries out a study called ‘Employment Outlook Survey’ as a way of finding out the intentions of job owners on recruitment schemes in the US’s top 100 metro cities with the highest population. After the study has been amended periodically, the results showing predictions between January to March,2019, shows a 20 percent net hiring prospect, an increase of 1 percent from the 1st and last quarters of last year.

Information sector is low on prospect but will likely pick up in the long run.


Although there are no assurances on trade and tariffs, says Frankiewicz, but the possibility is powerful. She said further that it’s quite enchanting to witness how labor market bosses are gearing up enthusiastically despite the skepticism.

Top ranking cities for employment prospect

Based on this, we need to ask the big question; where can be recommended for unemployed citizens to go to in search of jobs in this new year? Let’s think of some mega-states with higher prospects. Cape Coral, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Deltona seem more appropriate to be mentioned at this juncture as No. 4. They have net hiring outlook ranging from 37, 32, 31, and 29 percent, while we then move down to North Port that has a 25 percent prospect.

Driving sectors that are thrusting these powerful employment opportunities are hospitality and recreational industries, followed by utilities and transportation businesses. Proofs abound to show that these industries are prospering nationally, predicting periodically amended net hiring probability ranging from 27 to 28 percent respectively.

Consumers’ enthusiasm

Frankiewicz observed that the successes of these sectors are partly because of the hike in how consumers are showing more trust in tourism than before.

Florida is a good example since people need cash for trips, she explained. She referred to this attitude as a major economic pointer. To solidify this claim, observe the western part of the ranking to No. 6, Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. Hospitality and recreation in that state has aided its booming recruitment net prospects of 27 percent, a 5 percent rise points from last year.

Tourism and hospitality industries are gaining ground fast as their outlook promise juicy turn out for the labor market in 2019.


ManpowerGroup surveyed several employers from about 13 sectors. 12 out of the 13 gave reports of either sturdier or steady employment in this new year. Only the information sector seems to be slightly unlucky as it reports a weak periodically amendment hiring net prospect of 11 percent. However, such a situation is not affecting Raleigh negatively, attached to Jacksonville at No. 4, followed by Boise City at No. 5, with an employment prospect of 28 percent. Raleigh is placed close to Research Triangle, as well as Boise City, directly to the east, where the progressively congested Silicon Valley is located.

These two cities are distinctively placed in strategic spots to draw attention from tech enthusiasts. Job owners are courting these advantages. Examples are Microsoft and Google, who recently established outlets in the capital city of North Carolina while the tech behemoths, Micron and HP have also followed suit with their outlets in the city of Idaho. Frankiewicz pointed out the presence of highly competent staffers in these cities, while their conducive ambiance attracts job owners for business operations.

Decline in the information industry

Furthermore, California looks promising with its major cities, San Francisco and San Jose. They exhume prosperity potentials as they stand tall on No.7 and No.10 respectively. They have good prospects in this new year. The two cities have the probability with 23 percent for San Francisco and 26 percent for San Jose.

Economy experts also noticed a steady decline in the employment rate when the information sector was studied, but it’s picking up in dependable and undependable production industries, as recruiters are giving periodically amended reports of hiring net prospects ranging from 19 to 20 percent.

Frankie continued by revealing that ManpowerGroup noticed slight prosperity in oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors, as these markets are thriving slowly. Metro states that may enjoy the growing success are Houston, attached to North Port on the No.8 spot, which houses Sysco and Phillips 66, and Boston at No.9. The recruitment net prospect stood at 24 percent.

Construction sector holds firmly to its employment net prospect of 23 percent.

However, it’s very vital for you to wait for a while before relocating to any of the successful states. You have to know some things first. In case you are pondering on seeking employment this year, you have a good chance to be lucky, regardless of your resident state.

ManpowerGroup is looking at this possibility beyond the micro angle, when about 95 meters out of 100 have tight prospects, says Frankiewicz. She added that they are also looking at the situation on the macro angle nationwide, and luckily, the employees now have the bargaining chip.

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