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5 Major Signs It’s Time For You To Say Goodbye To Your Job

Young people usually think that having a job when they get older would mean that they will be able to buy everything their hearts desire which can be true in a way sometimes, but what they don’t really know and what most adults don’t tell them is that the money they need to earn may sometimes be something that is not worth it.

There are just so many reasons what hy people decide to leave their current jobs and find a new one, some may not realize it and wish they did sooner. Here are some of the major signs that you must quit your current job even if it is a source of income.

Based on a recent study, more than 89 percent of bosses think that the major reasons employees quit their job is because they want more money.

There Is No Progress

That feeling of being stuck in your life even if time flies really fast can be a major reason why it may now be the time for you leave the company you’re working for. Some people think that it is usually fine but if it has been like this for so many years then it can be tiring and less motivating.

You no longer have that desire of doing what you’re doing since it has become a routine for you. There are no more challenges that usually comes with a reward. Usually there are positions in a company wherein you can step up and get promoted after being recognized for doing such an amazing job that benefited the company. However, not everyone can be promoted some may be stuck with them a certain position for years and it can definitely get boring.

Stress Overload

This other reason is not just something that can be considered as minor since it can totally affect someone’s health. Any sort of job can be stressful but there are times that it can be too much to handle. This could then lead to severe stress that can cause a lot of complications that will affect the overall health of a person. This is enough reason for you to quit your job since it is not worth sacrificing your health.

It Is Not Convenient

There are also times that your job can be so much inconvenience for you such as having to commute so much. When you work somewhere that is way too far from where you live, it can be pretty exhausting already. This is a good enough reason for you to quit your job since commuting alone can tire you out, it will also consume so much of your time. Instead of having enough time to sleep or spend time it’s family or on your own, you will spend it on commuting to and from work.

Toxic Relationships

When it comes to quitting, one of the most common reasons is leaving the company because of toxic relationships that doesn’t just affect work but also personal lives. It is absolutely inevitable to work with people who are like you and you can’t expect everyone to be your friend. There will always be times that you can no longer handle your boss or your coworkers attitude to the point that you can no longer do your job at your best.

Some people choose to leave instead of having to deal with the people that they can’t stand. Experts believe that it is not a way of feeling defeated but it is a wise way to get away from people who are making you feel uncomfortable or unpleasant. So if you think you can no longer work with certain people, then it may be time to look for another job.

It was revealed in Global studies in 2017 that 79 percent of employees leave their jobs because of their toxic relationships with their boss or coworkers.

Happiness Is Nowhere To Be Found

Finally, what most people don’t really realize is that when they are no longer happy with their jobs, they are allowed to leave. No one is forcing you to work in a certain company for a certain position. Being happy with what you do wherever it may be, affects the job itself and you can be more productive and you can be better at your job if you are loving what you do and being happy about it.

Keep in mind that your happiness does matter, it will always be a priority and there will always be jobs out there that you can go to and be happy and not something that would make you feel like you’d rather stay in bed all day.

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