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Three Traits to Watch Out for in Colleagues, According to MediaLink CEO

Just like other industries, the media and advertising sector is always changing and adapting in order to entice new customers. No matter what kind of business you run, if you don’t adapt to the needs of the consumers, you will most likely not survive. Especially in today’s day and age, where there are so many factors that entrepreneurs needs to take into account that they didn’t have to a couple of years ago. Everything just seems to advance at such a fast pace that all you can do is try to hang on as best as you can so that you won’t be left in the dust.

Kassan has his own unique way of surrounding himself with the right people.

This year is quite possibly the tougshest one yet, because creating and maintaining a successful company requires a multitude of skills, and CEOs need to persevere in the face of adversity. Despite the complications though, top-class consultancy executive Michael Kassan chose one piece of advice to give to other entrepreneurs, and it is so fundamentally simple: choose the right people involved.

Word From The Wise

Kassan, the CEO and chairman of MediaLink, says to focus on the chance to partner and work with the companies, work with the clients, work with whatever your customer base is and always ensure to deliver value to them. For Kassan, the concept of creating a strong relationship with people you work with, customers and clients is what truly matters at the end of the day, and it should not be just a one-way relationship.

MediaLink is a strategic advisory group that partners with big-name companies all over the world. They offer them pragmatic insight and strategies, which are made to help with making wise business decisions and opportunities. It describes itself as a company that gives competitive strategies and growth advantages for other companies. from start-ups to global Fortune 100 brands. Because of this experience, they definitely know how having the right team is crucial.

While at the Cannes Lions festival of communications and advertising that was held in southern France earlier this month, Kassan stated that he made his own set of things that he looks for concerning the people he wanted to around him. He said that there are the three boxes that he has to tick about people that he works with or people that work with him.

First thing Kassan is integrity of course. The second is intellect and the third is ‘Are they fun on a bus?

The Reason for the Checklist

The third one might raise some eyebrows at first, but what Kassan means by this is that are these people you want to spend time with in your life? Are they the kind of people who will not only bring you joy, but that you can have faith in to handle certain situations?

Kassan further explains that metaphorically, we’re on a bus together. When it comes to colleagues, he asks himself if they are they people you want to hang out with? Are they the kind of people that are trustworthy? Are they people that can give value through their intellect? And are they the kind of people who you want to hang out with? At the end of the day, Kassan says that’s what matters.


When you really think about it, Kassan gave some very valuable advice to the people. When it comes to making a company last, having people around you be people who you want to be with is best. If the people around you aren’t in line with what you want the company to go to, then it is very likely that your company will not get very far.

Although Kassan gave some solid advice, you should not follow it word for word. Create your own list, or criteria of what kind of people you would want working with you. This way, you can focus on achieving the goals you set, and the people you surround yourself with will do what they can to help you get there.

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