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21 Little Known Facts About Justin Trudeau That Will Make You Love Him Even More

We’re going to dig into the life of a certain Justin Trudeau. For those who aren’t sure who he is, we’ll look into that too, but in summary, he is the current Prime Minister of Canada. He’s managed to rack up quite a few achievements along the way in life and is no doubt trying to match the legacy left behind for him by his father, who also served as Prime Minister many moons ago. If you’re interested in the life of this cool and down-to-earth Prime Minister (who also has the ability to throw himself down the stairs!), then read on and discover his life.

Born In The Capital

Of all the Prime Ministers that Canada has had over the years, Justin Trudeau holds an impressive feat that none of his predecessors had ever attained. That is the fact that he is the first Canadian Prime Minister to have been born in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Justin was born in 1971 on Christmas Day at Ottawa Civic Hospital. His father was Pierre Trudeau, the fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada (a life in politics was bound to fall on at least one of his children!). Let’s see if Justin would have a portfolio that’s even better than his father’s.

Achievement Number Two

Another record that Justin Trudeau has to his name, and again something that he made no contribution to obtaining, is the fact that he is the second person in the history of Canada to be born to a Prime Minister currently serving in office. He, unfortunately, couldn’t attain the title of being the first, as that honor goes to Sir John A. Macdonald, the son of Margaret Mary Macdonald. We’re sure it wasn’t a conscious decision made by his parents but it’s one that definitely makes his situation more unique.

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