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How Victoria and David Beckham Made $45 million From Businesses in 2018

There’s nothing that says power couple than two people in a relationship excelling in their own individual businesses and fields – add to this the endless support and the willingness to help each other achieve success. In the world of the famous and rich, there are many enviable duos that have proven that true love really does exist, even when they attract unwarranted criticism and unsolicited advice from the public.

Some of the beloved pairs that make it look like it’s easy to juggle their private love lives and their public personas are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who share three lovely children and had been going strong despite a lot of people on their backs; actor George Clooney and lawyer Amal are also considered Hollywood’s power couple who always give us hope that true love still exists; and then there is the couple of retired footballer David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria, perhaps the best combination there is, well, alongside Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie, who used to be the ultimate relationship goal until their marital shakeup.

Beckhams’ Love Story

There’s no doubt that the Beckhams are considered the “It” couple in Britain. Having met in 1997, the then-Spice Girls member and the Manchester United athlete first saw each other at a football game, although Victoria would oftentimes narrate that she didn’t have a clue about who the handsome footballer was because she wasn’t into the sport.

Victoria and David Beckham are one of Britain’s power couples

Little did people know that the one meeting would spark an ever-lasting romance resulting in marriage and then kids. Two years after, Victoria and David announced that they were engaged and immediately tied the knot on July 4 of that year in Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland, a scenic medieval venue. Of course, you’d expect nothing short of a grand affair from the lovely couple – their wedding reportedly cost over $1.2 million, a record-breaker for celebrity weddings.

Fast forward to now and they are both a multi-million household name and a brand. Of course, this notion of “Brand Beckham” has long been in the air even when their marriage was relatively new – there were even news that they only stick with each other so as not to dissolve the brand, but David had strongly denied this before. There was no way their marriage is perfect despite how people see it be, it had been continuously tried and tested with rumors and speculations.

Earning Millions

But here they are, making a fortune from all the things (presumably) they love to do. They share four wonderful kids, whom they casually display on social media: Brooklyn, 19; Romeo, 16; Cruz, 13; and Harper, 7. They are also assumed to be living comfortably, judging from 2017 reports that the Beckham couple earned more than $20 million from their business ventures.

The Beckham family has been a welcome sight in fashion shows

Apparently, the couple’s businesses paid out dividends totaling more than $30 million three years ago! To be specific, Beckham Brand Holdings gave $12 million to its shareholders from profit in 2016, while $20 million in 2017. Of course, the shareholders who are receiving huge sums are David, Victoria, and Simon Fuller, Posh Spice’s former handler.

Just imagine, altogether, the Beckham couple received more than $20 million of that amount. Beckham Brand Holdings, which owns Victoria’s clothing label as well as DB Ventures, earned almost $50 million in 2017, with a profit of $18 million. DB Ventures’ increase in revenues is linked to major partnerships.

VLB Major Losses

Victoria Beckham’s line was recently reported to have major losses

As of now, their combined net worth was placed at $900 million. However, of late, Victoria Beckham Ltd reportedly had major losses, specifically around $35,000 a day for the past five years, totaling more than $32 million, which may be linked to the investment of the company in forming their senior leadership team. This was despite having an increase in earnings by 17 percent.

In 2017, NEO aided the fashion line with more than $30 million, since then, Paolo Riva became the chief executive while veteran Ralph Toledano became the chairman. The fate of the Victoria Beckham Ltd is still unknown but hopefully the investments on new people would prove to be advantageous to the brand.

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