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UK CBI Business Community Campaigns To Reverse Brexit

The UK Business community, also known as CBI, is currently campaigning to stop the impending Brexit move of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The community is concerned about the impending collapse of their business operations, especially the exportations if the United Kingdom formally separates from the EU.

The CBI Is Calling the Government to Reverse its Brexit Decision That May Affect the UK Business Communities

On Monday, the CBI has launched its campaign on the British government to reverse the Brexit strategy. The senior figures of the CBI community reiterated that it will greatly affect their business operation, particularly the exportation, because of this impending movement. Several businesses across the United Kingdom would suffer from surcharge in different custom fees and market participation as business and market deals tend to get separated rather than unified.

CBI Released their Statement and Official Position About the Brexit Decision

CBI Released their Statement and Official Position About the Brexit Decision

If the Brexit will push through, it’ll be hard for businesses to cope with different custom fees implemented by different countries around Europe. They will have to pay for the hefty amount of customs fees and taxes, which would burden not only their customers but also affect their business operations as well as their workers. Aside from that, it will also break their unified market and free trade deals unlike before. The CBI carried these complications and concerns of the business sector to urge the national government to rethink about their decision. They claim that it’s still not too late to change their decision. Perhaps the government can change their strategy through an election or a second referendum.

The Government Ministers Were Furious And Countered the CBI’s Statements

Director General of CBI Carolyn Fairbairn also stated that while the organization understands the government’s move to apply independent foreign policy, there are special cases and exemptions that may outweigh such policy over customs fees and customs unions with EU. She claimed that trading with EU is great opportunity to boost one country’s economy because of the free trade among its country members. EU countries enjoy a frictionless trading because of its open borders.

Director General of CBI Carolyn Fairbairn Lead the Campaign for the Parliament to Reconsider Brexit

Director General of CBI Carolyn Fairbairn Lead the Campaign for the Parliament to Reconsider Brexit

Contrary to what the CBI was hoping, suffice to say that their movement was being received by the government negatively. Several government ministers criticized the CBI’s stance and position against the Brexit strategy. The British government reiterated that one of the main reasons why they consider leaving EU is to also explore and expand their trading outside the usual borders and tariff area of EU. Furthermore, foreign secretary Boris Johnson stated that the stance of CBI undermines or contradicts the ultimate goal of Brexit.  He also reiterated that the United Kingdom’s Brexit movement doesn’t affect the world trade operations of the country. The Department of Exiting reiterates that Theresa May’s Brexit strategy should not, in any way affect the government’s trade policies in EU.

The European Union Council Is Still Hopeful That the Government Will Change Its Brexit Strategy

The British Government reiterated that Brexit Won't affect its trading policies.

The British Government reiterated that Brexit Won’t affect its trading policies.

The EU had reiterated that they won’t give some leeway on the trade rules outside its members. This was the stance of the EU president Donald Tusk, as well as the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Although the EU council is still hopeful that Brexit will not be pushed through. They said that the UK will always be welcomed with open arms. Ever since the Brexit controversy had spark and shaken the world, several anti-Brexit campaigns have been launched by different groups.

The European Union Is Still Hopeful that Brexit Will Not be Pushed Through

The European Union Is Still Hopeful that Brexit Will Not be Pushed Through

The only positive thing that’s been happening by this strategy is that the Britons are now setting their differences aside and they unite in order to push through a common goal. They are launching simultaneous campaigns in order to encourage the parliament a chance to reconsider their decision. Different groups want the prime minister and parliament to have a clear scenario on what will happen should they insist pursuing this Brexit Strategy. They also encourage the parliament to create a customs union if they’re going to push through the independent foreign policy so that the country’s exportation and importation would not be affected. How about you? What’s your stance on the Brexit? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.

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