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Three Famous Individuals Whose Business Might Have Been Interrupted by The High and Mighty

 High and Mighty

There Are Eight Men in the World Who Hold More Wealth Than 50% of the World’s Entire Population.

Did you know that eight men have more wealth than 50% of the entire population of the world? And it can only be assumed as to what would happen if they decided to join hands simply to promote their own interests.

The question about what would happen if their interests are threatened is very simple; they would probably find the easiest, fasted way to eliminate every possible threat which interferes in their power. In this article, we are looking at some famous individuals that people believe were victims of the high and mighty.

Robert F Kennedy and the High and Mighty?

 High and Mighty

Laws of Gravity Were Defined When Sirhan Shot Robert F Kennedy Facing Him But The Bullets Entered From behind.

The individual that assassinated Robert F Kennedy named Sirhan Sirhan was arrested at the scene of the incident literally with a smoking gun in his hands. Sirhan later confessed he was obsessed about killing Kennedy because Kennedy was supporting Israel and Sirhan allegedly wanted to assassinate Kennedy because the support would have meant going against the people of Palestine and Sirhan was a refugee from the region.

Kennedy was assassinated when he was facing the assassin but by a miracle of some kind, the bullets hit Kennedy from behind defying the laws of physics. The alleged assassin was only able to fire two shots before being tackled by the investigators. The room in which Kennedy was shot had a total of 14 shots lodged and the figure does not consider shots of other victims.

Most importantly, the weapon in possession of the assassin could only fire eight shots and the 14 discovered in the room certainly did not add up. This clearly indicated that the high and mighty may have been involved in the assassination leaving people with more to wonder than to decide.

Martin Luther King Jr. – Any Connections With The High and Mighty?

 High and Mighty

The Department Of Justice Rejected The Judgment of the Jury Citing Lack of Evidence In the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t just a leader for the Blacks or working for civil rights. He was a true champion for the poor and that is why he was perhaps a threat to some of the most powerful of the high and mighty. He was regularly under surveillance by the FBI and would occasionally receive letters which suggested him to commit suicide rather than leave the public share his sins.

Dr. King had begun to discuss issues of class conflict and the requirement of solidarity against workers and was due to arrive in Memphis to support the Memphis sanitation workers strike. Dr. King was assassinated not long after by James Earl Ray, the individual who was convicted for the assassination. Information later emerged that a lawsuit for wrongful death was also filed and the jury which concluded in the lawsuit decided there was a conspiracy behind the incident.

Evidence also emerged that the assassin was a scapegoat and the evidence presented by the family of Dr. King had led the jury to issue its conclusion. However, the judgment was rejected by the Department of Justice for lack of evidence leading people to believe this could be the handiwork of the high and mighty.

Marilyn Monroe

 High and Mighty

Was the Bay of Pigs Invasion By the Kennedy Family Responsible for The Death of Marilyn Monroe Or Was It The Chicano Mob Which Assassinated Her?

Marilyn Monroe is well known for being one of the mos famous actresses and showgirls of her era. She also had a reputation of associating herself with some undesirable characters. It was perhaps because of her rebellious character that she got into trouble even after she developed contacts and relationships with some of the high and mighty including the Kennedys.

Rumors are floating even to this day that her suicide was not genuine. The CIA is reported to have killed her for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion of the Kennedy family as a reappraisal. Another theory which also did the rounds claimed that she was killed by the Italian Mafia of the Chicago family which was led by Sam Giancana to warn Kennedy to back off from the crusade against the mobs.

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