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Tesla Employees Claim They’re Paying the Price of Musk’ Promises

Elon Musk is known for his ambitious goals and outsized claims. While his visions and goals are welcomed by business experts especially when it comes to the longevity and innovation of his companies, the Tesla workers seem to think otherwise.

The Extraordinary Letter

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, emailed his entire staff shortly after the May 2017 publications of separate investigations conducted by Workplace Safety Organizations and The Guardian. Both reports showed that high injury rates were recorded at the company’s Northern California branch. Following the said reports, Musk directed his staff to report every injury they might’ve gained without exception.

The letter Musk wrote stated how much he cared about his employees’ safety and wellbeing.

He’ll also meet with his safety team every week and he’d like to meet every person who sustained an injury to ask if they’re well, or if they need further medical attention so that he can understand what’s going on and he can help his employees feel better.

Afterward, he’ll consult with his production team to perform the task his employees had undergone. The public then lauded Musk for his accountability and leadership. However, the Tesla workers wish his promises are all true.

No Meetings

A former Tesla factory employee named Richard Ortiz revealed that he didn’t even meet with Musk when he got injured last July 2017. Another current Tesla worker revealed he received three pinched nerves on his arm, last October 2017. He already filed an incident report about his injury, but Musk didn’t meet with him, ever. The employee stated how Musk’s statement was nothing but a “PR, bologna.”

He added that if Musk was sincere about meeting all his injured workers, he would’ve done so in the past 6 months. The question of whether Musk intends to remain true to his word of meeting “every single injured person” remains a mystery to the public.

The Tesla workers claim he didn’t deliver his promises, nor did he meet with any of his employees who got injured.


Based on the conversations The Guardian conducted with more than 10 Tesla employees, both former and current workers for the past month, most employees claimed they’re paying the consequences of their boss’ promises. Not only to them but also the promises he made to his shareholders and customers, in which, it frequently go unfulfilled, according to them.

Furthermore, the Tesla employees feel as if they’ve become their boss’ collateral damage of his overly-optimistic pronouncements and promises. They could feel the pressure pressing them at work while the billionaire’s loyal fans and customers are moved by his promises of delivery.

Delivering to His Promises

Meanwhile, a Tesla spokesman denied all the claims made by 10 anonymous Tesla employees who were interviewed by the Guardian. He stated that Musk had met with his injured workers multiple times. He also worked on the assembly line multiple times, and the company is confident they can provide the names of its 10 employees who can attest to his statement. The spokesman also revealed that Musk spent a significant amount of his time talking with production employees, discussing what improvements they can do to minimize the injuries inflicted and improving the safety of their workplace.

One Tesla worker named Jimmy Guajardo, who works on Tesla’s Model 3, claimed he’d seen Musk visiting the company 4-5 times. Guajardo has been working for the company for nearly 5 months already.

The Guardian tried reaching out to the 10 workers named by Tesla, including Guajardo. However, only four of them responded to their query. The Guardian also discovered that none of the four they interviewed had gotten injured, but they all praised Musk for his accountability, nevertheless. They claimed it boosted their confidence to see him at the factory and working on the line.

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