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Ivanka Trump Scored New Seven Trademarks in China as the Beijing Trade Talks Continue

After the Trump Organization received $500 million funding from the Chinese Government business loan grant for its Indonesian resort project, it seems Trump’s ongoing trade talks with China are going well, especially since Ivanka Trump just inked new seven trademarks with Asia’s giant country.

Conflicts of Interests

Just this month, Ivanka Trump officially registered seven trademarks according to China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce. These trademarks were registered in various industries like cosmetics, furniture, kitchenware, and paper products. The approvals come after President Trump’s vow to help China’s ZTE to cope up and not lost thousands of Chinese jobs.

President Trump is currently in trade talks with China on various issues after its sweet business deal with Indonesian Resort Project.

Meanwhile, the Ethics experts lamented the first family for inking business deals when the Presidential daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner, both serve as the White House senior advisers. The former ethics chief for President Obama, Norm Elsen, stated that he’s worried about Trump and her husband making consequential decisions with China.

He also stated that the conflicts of interests lie on whether such state deals were made to benefit the US, or just to benefit the Trump’s family business. Elsen also filed a lawsuit against Trump for allegedly accepting payments as well as other benefits from foreign governments (like China) for personal or business interests, which is considered a violation of the Constitution.

Fighting Against Trademark Infringements

Meanwhile, the President of Ivanka Trump Brand, Abigail Klem, released a statement that the trademark files in the Presidential daughter’s fashion lines were not a big deal. In fact, it’s the business’ right to protect its own trademark against infringement. This action is nothing but a normal course of business, especially in countries where trademark infringement is rampant.

Klem also said that they’d seen a sudden surge of trademark infringement filed by individual third parties trying to capitalize and monetize Ivanka Trump’s brand since her father ascended into the presidency. And it’s their responsibility to protect Ivanka’s trademark and stop these infringers from using her brands

Moreover, a company spokesperson reiterated the management’s actions were protective in nature. They only intend to guard Ivanka’s business to those businesses who want to make money by using her name. Registering seven new trademarks don’t necessarily mean they intended to sell their products falling under those categories.

The Trademark Approval

Ever since her father got elected, Ivanka Trump stepped down from managing her businesses actively. Though she still retains her ownership stake. While she isn’t legally required to sell all her assets to gain a position in the White House, she’s still subject to federal employees’ rule that prohibits her from engaging in deals which earns her financial interests, either for her personal or business gains.

The said trademarks received a preliminary approval last February 2018, before the economic tension and tariff wars between China and US erupted in early March

It takes three months for China to give final approval on trademarks with preliminary approval. As if on cue, the green-light was granted to Ivanka Trump recently. This is in hype with both countries recently committed to holding on the impending tariff wars that would cost both nations to lose billions of dollars.

China warned US to increase their own tariffs on imported US goods and services should Trump continue the tariff on metals. Fortunately, the situation remains stable. China has not imposed a tariff on US brands as well as material concessions on IP theft. Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary, is scheduled to go to China from June 2-4 to continue their discussions, the Chinese Foreign Ministry revealed.

Trump’s Negotiations with China

Trump, on the other hand, offered ZTE a help to recuperate and establish there the giant Chinese phone company again after it gets crippled due to US Export Ban issued last month. The said punishment was imposed by the US due to violations and sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, as well as the Commerce Department, have been working hard to reverse such decision and come up with a compromise deal with the US. Lastly, Trump is courting China to put pressure on North Korea prior to its highly anticipated summit with Kim Jong Un this July 12.

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