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Hi Fly Airlines Tests No Plastic Usage While On Board

It was decades ago when people invented plastic and thought that it was one of the most helpful inventions they have ever created. Nowadays, its effects are slowly ruining the environment and slowly it will literally take over the world that may leave mankind to have no place to call home any longer.

Different nations all over the world have been trying various ways on how they will be able to slow down the effects of plastic usage by preventing people from using them as much as they can. It is undeniable that single-use plastic has been beneficial for everyone, but its effects on the environment can no longer be denied.

The United Nations have already stepped in and have been encouraging every single nation to take part by providing all the necessary information that is needed, as well as what plastic does to the world and what are the things that could substitute plastic that isn’t harmful.

There are just so many ways on how we can all take part of this, but one airline, in particular, has made a decision that could be an example to other airlines when it comes to taking care of the environment.

No More Plastics In The Sky

Hi Fly is a Portuguese airline who recently made history by becoming the very first one to take off without having any plastic on-board to use for their food service. That basically means they didn’t use any form of plastic cups, and plastic silverware, any plastic containers.

This was reportedly a test run since the company will soon officially ban the use of plastic within their planes starting this 2019. This is only the first out three test runs that the company were planning to do, and if you’re wondering what the passengers will be using, they will actually be given a silverware that are made out of wood. The food containers will also be comparable and it will be made by Vegware, while the others will be plant-based of recycled materials.

In an interview with Canadian television, Hi-Fly President Paulo Mirpuri revealed that they can no longer be one of those companies who cannot do anything when it comes to helping out the environment. They have even received a lot of positive feedback from their clients as well as their passengers since they all know it is the right thing to do and that they are setting a great example for everyone while helping the environment as well.

Transport Plastic Usage

It is a known fact that Hi Fly is not the very first airlines who have been planning on getting rid of plastic on air, it just so happens that they became the very first ones to actually try it out and apply it soon. There are other airline companies in the world who has been working on this possibility as well.

One of them is Air New Zealand, who announced last year that they will be working on replacing single-use plastic items by swapping cups and other plastic containers in the next year. They have already managed to ban straws, plastic toothbrushes, eye mask wrappers and even stir sticks on board so they could start reducing plastic footprint.
Some of the biggest airlines in the United States are making progress as well, that includes American Airlines who announced that starting July this year they will be replacing plastic straws from biodegradable ones and offer eco-friendly flatware to everyone in their lounges.

Delta Air Lines, on the other hand, made a decision last October that they will also be banning the use of single-use plastic items, this will be such a massive change since it will reduce about 300,000 pounds of plastic waste every single year. They will replace their straws with bamboo ones for cold beverages and birch ones for hot drinks.

Airline companies are not the only ones who are trying to be involved, that is because some of the world’s most famous cruises have also decided to make a change. The Royal Caribbean liner also plans to eliminate the use of plastic straws so instead, they will use paper straws. As the year passes by, they will slowly eliminate other single-use items such as cups, condiment packets, bags, and more.

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