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Ford to Make More Than a Thousand More of Their GT Supercar Despite Recalls

Known to be one or the most popular car companies in the world, Ford continues to make its way to the competition as more and more car manufacturers try to woo the public with their incredible advanced vehicles. One of the company’s latest ad exclusive vehicles is their Ford GT Supercar, which is basically a sports car that was released in 2016. They officially unveiled it at the North American International Auto Show.

Since then tons of people would love to get their hands on this Supercar, but they would definitely have to get in line especially with its production boost.

In order to actually purchase a GT Supercar, an application form must be submitted and it will be reviewed for approval by the car company’s management

Ford’s GT Supercar Production Boost

The original plan by Ford was to make 500 samples of their Supercar, but they had to increase it to a thousand unit since they think there would be no harm done if they actually produce more. At the recent automakers’ event held in Michigan, they announced that will actually build 350 more of their GT Supercars. Then again, just because they are actually making more of it doesn’t mean that you could easily go to the nearest Ford dealership place in your city and go home with one.

The process of getting one is actually what made it even more popular. It turns out that you must actually fill out an application to get it, and if Ford thinks you are good enough to own one then they will accept the application and let you buy a Supercar. It literally seems like waiting for your Ivy League letter to come in the mail for you to see if you got accepted.

The application process for will reopen this November 8 and it will immediately close just 30 days later. One of the reasons for the application is said to be because Ford is looking for people who would use the Supercar a lot and not just store it as a display in their garages as part of their collection. The American car manufacturer will also be prioritizing those people who owns or have owned another Ford speciality and other well-known cars in the world.

Those who have applied in the past must modify or confirm their application so they could get reconsidered.
The current price for the Ford GT Supercar is $400,000. According to the director of Ford Performance, Hermann Salenbauch, they didn’t exactly expect that this would blow out like this and that they needed to make 1,350 more.

They also had to extend their production deadline to 2022 instead of the original date of 2020. He also stated that because of this extension with the production, they are able to maintain its exclusivity to those who want to have an extraordinary experience to limited customers.

Ford also announced that they will be phasing out their popular vehicles like Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, and Focus by 2020 in the North American region

Unfortunate Recalls

More and more people may be wanting to get considered for that application that will start in a few weeks, some of those who have finally gotten theirs may need to actually send it back for safety purposes. This is after Ford had to issue a recall on about 200 of their GT Supercars. 176 vehicles are said to be in the United States while the other 18 is in Canada.

Despite the production boost and in-demand sales, Ford had to recall hundreds of the Supercar units because of the danger it could bring to the drivers in case of accidents

The Supercars that is currently being recalled were all manufactured in December 2016 through July 2018. The report said that the problem is the hydraulic fluid leak that was coming from the valves that can be found just under the rear of the car all the to its exhaust.

Experts say that once leaked, it may actually cause the car to go on fire. Ford said that there was actually an incident in Germany that proved this could happen, in that particular incident no one was actually harmed. The Ford GT Supercar has been in demand since most auto experts have praised it for its engineering as well as its performance.

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