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Apple Pledged to Repair Faulty MacBook Keyboards for Free!

The Tech-giant company Apple promises to repair faulty MacBook keyboards for free after they received numerous complaints about malfunctioning from their loyal customers.

The Faulty Butterfly Keyboards

Last Introduced in 2015, Apple launched a butterfly MacBook keyboard with a narrower profile which features an ability to design its thinner laptops and computers around its new input mechanism. Apple claimed the said keyboard was 40% slimmer compared to its older versions but it would provide higher precision. Unfortunately, its loyal Mac users didn’t welcome the said keyboard because they claimed it showed a higher rate of failure and technical problems compared to its previous designs.

Not only that, but the customers were frustrated to discover that Apple charged more than $700 for the repair cost if the unit wasn’t covered by warranty anymore. Or if the said malfunction or flaw isn’t covered with AppleCare.

The users claim they don’t like the travel and key action of the keyboard, as well as the noise it makes

Furthermore, the popular and reliable tech site named The Verge hailed the Keyboards as “famously problematic”. The Outline, an online publication also claimed the new MacBook Butterfly Keyboard is “ruining their lives” due to its faulty keys. And it seemed the Mac Users mirrored their claims since they complained they experienced the following hassles or technical problems when using the butterfly keyboard:

  1. Characters or Numbers repeat unexpectedly after they pressed the key/s.
  2. Sometimes, the characters won’t appear after pressing the key/s.
  3. The key/s feel “sticky” or it stopped working unexpectedly. They claimed the keys didn’t respond consistently.

If you currently have a MacBook 12-inch Retina laptop with released dates ranging from Early 2015-2017, MacBook Pro 13-inch Two-Four Thunderbolt with three Ports, and a 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops made from 2016-2017, then you can have your keyboard repaired for free!

The Service Process

After a growing number of complaints the company received for the past few days, Apple launched an investigation and its own technicians have determined “a small percentage” of MacBook Keyboards had technical problems. Hence, it prompted the company to offer free repair costs to fix these faulty MacBook Keyboards. If you suspect your Keyboard is malfunctioning, Apple currently gives out three options for you to have your keyboard repaired.

For those customers who believed their MacBook Keyboards were affected by this malfunction and they already paid to have it repaired, Apple urges them to contact their page to ask for a refund.

The following is:

  1. Go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to have it repaired.
  2. You can go to the nearest Apple Retail Store and schedule an appointment.
  3. Mail your device to the nearest Apple Retail Center.

Part of the services Apple offered involved replacing one or more keys, or the whole keyboard itself for free. However, the service turn-around time may vary depending on the availability of replacement keys or its parts, as well as the type of services it needed.

Apple Keeps Mum

Aside from the official statement their spokesperson issued last Friday, the prestigious company refused to give further details about the said keyboard malfunction. This left the customers suspecting that they didn’t want to disclose the cause of the said technical flaw nor response to the media’s call.

Furthermore, they noted that this wasn’t the first time the company experienced a technical flaw in one of its products and were discussed in the online world extensively. According to them, Apple remained tight-lipped about the issue of damage control. 

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