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Amazon Workers Say They’ve Had Enough Of Inhumane Treatment


As one of the biggest companies in the world, Amazon has a name to protect. With thousands of workers working in different warehouses all over the world, the upset and mistreated workers of Amazon can no longer take the kind of treatment they have to deal with every single day they go to work.

A bunch of stories continues to spread and it is not just from one warehouse, but also from different warehouses around the world. It turns out that this is not the very first time that this news broke out, but it would seem that this time around it is getting out of hand that there are some who are encouraging people to boycott their Prime membership on Amazon.

The company recently announced that they will be putting up not just one, but two new headquarters around New York Virginia. This means that they are now beginning to look for people since they need to fill in more than 25,000 jobs. However, more and more and becoming even more skeptical by how Amazon actually treats their warehouse workers especially with the recent allegations and their not-so-clean record regarding the same matter in the past three years.

Mistreated Amazon Workers

It should be a massive shopping day in the United Kingdom but an organized protest against Amazon took place instead because of how the company is pushing their people to the limits that it can no longer be considered as a respect for humanity. Workers have complained because of how long they have to work, strict bathroom breaks, the unbearable temperature inside the warehouse, and the worst is the automatic firing for such little mistakes.

The surveillance system is also something that they believe is a little too extreme to the point that it’s like they are slaves in there. This is not just something that workers in the United Kingdom are complaining about, because this is allegedly happening in every single warehouse Amazon has.

It turns out that these accusations come with a little proof. There are at least nine Amazon warehouse employees who died in the past five years. Some people get rushed to the hospital and it allegedly went too far that some workers have to pee in bottles and the garbage bin since they are afraid that they will take too long if they go to the bathroom because of the strict quota schedule they are out it. This record is something that The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union totally disagree on.

All of these accusations then led to some of their customers unsubscribing to the Amazon Prime. Most people who are encouraging others via Twitter to boycott Amazon are friends and families of the affected workers of Amazon. More and more people are now siding the workers because of the stories they have been revealing and most of them have the same complaints.

There are actually a few people who went on a private investigation a few years back and have experienced the said mistreatment. However, Amazon, together with their founder and CEO, want nothing to do with the protest since they consider it as such an outrageous accusation. Experts believe that just like what happened before, this issue will go away as soon as it came.

Amazon Denies Claims

A few months ago, United States Senator Bernie Saunders challenged the richest man in the world and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, to come forward about the matter and increase his employees’ wages. Bezos denied the allegations and he even referred to it as inaccurate as well as misleading. However, he did increase the wages to $15 an hour.

For the very first time last week, Amazon warehouse in Minnesota decided to listen to the complaints of their workers regarding their issues about dehydration, exhumation, as well as injuries on the job. It also includes the overall sensitivity towards Muslim and other religious practices.

In an official statement following the protests of the alleged mistreatment, Amazon said that they have invested over 27 billion for their people and managed to create over 75,000 jobs. They strongly disagree with the accusations and they believe that they treat their workers fair and even give them tons of benefits. They also said that they make sure that they provide their employees with a safe place to work.

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