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These Hints Can Mean You’re In The Wrong Company

Company’s Technology

If you’ve ever gotten somehow uncomfortable during an interview for a position or gotten some clues from your interviewers which you didn’t quite understand, then it will interest you to know that those signs stood for something.

There are some signs that a job might not be the best for you and you shouldn’t even consider it at all.  The first sign comes when you consider the tech used by the company in the recruiting process. According to AllyO’s co-founder, Sahil Sahni, if it is Internet Explorer you had to use in reviewing documents or signing the document and mailing them back, it stands as an essential sign about the company’s usage of technology. It also shows their perception about investment in new technologies.

The kind of technology a company uses during the recruitment stage tells a lot about how they perceive investment in new technology

Sahni noted that the use of old technology by a company can make the job quite stressful when you start to work there. For instance, that could imply that before you get the information you may need to file formal requests or even wait for several days before you can get answers to the questions you raised. Regardless of the question, you ask, having to wait several days before you get a relevant answer indicates that the company isn’t technologically innovative.

Company’s Recruitment Process

You should also take note of the company’s recruitment process. Sahni referred to a colleague who had to reject a job offer that came with a substantial salary raise at a top tech firm. The reason was because the friend had to take a day off work so he could fly to California from Texas. Upon his arrival, the HR personnel led him to a room so he could sit through 3 video conferences with different individuals in the firm. Sahni said it would have been easy for them to allow him to have that kind of interview at home or met him in person. The major point being that their refusal to maximally utilize the available technology gave his friend a lot of reservations about them.

You should also take note of whether or not you are able to use your mobile device to access communication during that recruitment process. This process shouldn’t be one that requires you to sit in front of a desktop so you could download software which you normally do not use. There are also companies that as a part of recruitment process instruct you to perform some tasks offline. Such tasks may include filling out forms containing long details such as employment history and subsequently mailing it to them. Sahni mentioned that it stands as a sign that the company would have massive administrative overhead and are somehow backward.

The recruitment process is a good stage to look out for some other telling signs that a firm may not be the best for you

Company’s Response Time

One other red flag is that the company’s response time is slow. Sanmi mentioned that in the world of recruiting, 85% of the entire applicants do not get responses from the companies they applied to. Regardless of the reason why the applicant wouldn’t be getting the job, refusal to get back to them is a major indicator of the internal operations of the company.

Slow response time, disorderliness and inefficiency of the company are also red flags

Sahni stated that if the recruitment process appears slow, disorganized and inefficient, that can be a sign of how the company handles their daily businesses. Thus, Sahni advised taking note of the time within which you were able to complete an assignment and how soon the company was able to provide feedback.

Sahni added that when an organization refuses to indicate the timeline from the onset, then such an organization is flouting a rule. Ideally, an interview process should have an accompanying timeline. For instance, the company could indicate that the interviewing process would take about 4 weeks starting with a call and subsequently a one-on-one interview.

Company’s Existing Workers

If you are lucky enough to meet with potential coworkers by any means, Sahni suggests asking them to give you access to their calendar. It can tell you a lot of things about what you should expect from a role, such as weeknights or weekend work commitments.

Getting a job can be as difficult as when you are looking for a house. Sahni, however, advises that the same way you can decide not to buy a house because you had some reservations about it is the same way to hold back from taking a job if you see any or all of these stop signs.

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